If you like our concept
then you like us

We will help you Prioritize

All our tools have a dashboard. A place to land and prioritize.
To show alarms and report to your management.

Application dashboard

We will convince you to do it Right

Everyone makes mistakes.
You will always get a second chance with our validation rules

Form validation

A List to Filter

Your data presented in a list.
The most important attributes can be used to filter and zoom in on the data.

And we promise it won't get slow.

Filtering functionality

A Menu that Sticks with it

Our tools are mostly built for the web.
As you scroll down we will make sure all the functions you need will follow.

Sticky menu

We can speak any Language

Our tools support multiple languages.
Just translate and you can work in the language of your choice.

Language support settings

You can use any Unit of Measure

We often build tools with data in engineering units.
You can use metrics, imperial or any other configuration.

Out of the box.

Set unit of measure feature

You will notice


Charts can give you great insights.
And we think they are cool to watch!

Data presentation patterns