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Cenosco Sets A New Record For EDIH Adria On The EU Digital Maturity Assessment

Cenosco achieves outstanding 64% digital maturity with EDIH Adria, setting a new record on EU's assessment, fostering comprehensive digital transformation in collaboration.

12 July '23

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Cenosco, the leading software company in Asset Integrity Management, has achieved an impressive digital maturity level of 64% on the EU’s Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA), thanks to its partnership with the European Digital Innovation Hub Adriatic Croatia (EDIH Adria). 

EDIH Adria is part of the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network, which consists of 151 centers across Europe and specializes in digital transformation in the areas of health and quality of life; transport and mobility and energy and sustainable development.

The collaboration between Cenosco and EDIH Adria aims to support Cenosco’s digital transformation in various areas, including strategy, processes, technology, culture, and human resources.

EDIH Adria is made up of scientific research institutions, global technology leaders, and business support institutions, and together they completed the DMA questionnaire to measure Cenosco’s digital maturity level before any intervention by EDIH and to track its progress over time.

The Results  

Cenosco’s impressive overall digital maturity level of 64% is a testament to the company’s commitment to digital transformation. By comparison, the EU average for medium-sized organizations is 41%, while the average for all EU respondents is 38% and EDIH Adria’s average is 46%, prior to taking Cenosco into account. 

The company scored particularly high in four dimensions:  

  1. Human-Centric Digitalisation (93%),  
  1. Digital Business Strategy (83%),  
  1. Data Governance (77%),  
  1. Digital Readiness (60%).  

This achievement marks the start of Cenosco’s journey towards becoming a leader in EU digital maturity. The company’s partnership with EDIH Adria has already helped Cenosco identify areas for improvement and to develop a roadmap for further digital transformation.

With the support of EDIH Adria, Cenosco is well-positioned to continue its digital journey and stay the leader in the field of Asset Integrity Management. 

Cenosco’s partnership with EDIH Adria is just one example of the company’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

As the leading software company in Asset Integrity Management, Cenosco is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their digital transformation goals and to empowering them to make smart inspection and maintenance decisions to increase safety, asset availability, and performance and optimize management costs.