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Flange Connection Management

Use our flange management software to manage critical flanges with a strict guided maintenance protocol. Based on tool usage, tension & torque, and joint integrity calculations.

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  • Optimal maintenance costs
  • Proper history recording
  • Uniform approach to flange management

Identify bad actors
and critical flanges

IMS FCM is a Flange Management cloud-based software, which helps you manage flange integrity. It prevents leaks in flanges, which is the number one source of leaks in various asset-heavy industries. With IMS FCM, you can optimize your costs and maintenance plan, as well as ensure proper practices for tension and torque.

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“The guided maintenance protocol works amazing with smart tools connected via Bluetooth. A real game changer.”

Kyle Inspector

Key Features

Optimize your costs and maintenance plan

Below we lay out some of the key features of IMS FCM. Explore the many ways in which our flange integrity management software can help you gain control of your operations

a guided color coded protocol, ims software, cenosco


Follow a guided color-coded protocol, to help determine how much torque you need to apply, and use the outcome on the job.

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Ensure integrity and compliance through running pass/fail calculations on your flanges. Smart tool that suggests standardized default values.

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Print labels to attach directly on your flanges for quick access to information on what equipment is attached to which flange.

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Stakeholder Overview

Asset Manager

Asset Managers will get the most benefit out of the solution, as it will help them achieve their goals for asset availability and optimal maintenance costs. This will come together with an overview of the risk profile.


We provide a single source of truth for multiple tasks and add a layer of control to critical data accessibility. This results in an overall enhancement of the data governance. Furthermore, the solution is fully cloud-based.

Field Technicians

Thanks to the offline feature, conduct proof tests on the field with ease and upload the results. Enjoy full-fledged capabilities, such as online and offline functionality, configurable guided proof test protocols, and fully fleshed mobile capabilities.

Advanced features

IMS Suite Core Features

IMS FCM is part of the IMS Suite, a unified set of software solutions for all your equipment types and processes. Below is an overview of the core features that all solutions within the IMS Suite can benefit from.

asset hierarchy cenosco
asset hierarchy cenosco
Keep your asset register clean and organized.
interface to systems such as macs and sap cenosco
Such as SAP, JDE, Maximo, and more.
screen displays of the ims suite of laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile which can be used offline
Ease inspections when out in the field.
tablet screen showing planned scheduling cenosco
Transform all your analyses into a planned schedule or maintenance strategy.
display of condition history cenosco ims pei
Track all events in the lifetime of your equipment, from inspections to leaks to temporary repairs.
screen with configurable dashboards ims pei
Visualize the most relevant data to you.
tablet showing the 2d and 3d capabilities of ims software
Enhance your inspection data by visualizing it into 2D drawings or 3D models.
list of options for condition history ims pei
Meet compliant regulations through proper condition history.
a tablet with insights into ims data cenosco
Use your data to stay ahead of the curve of bad actors and your equipment’s performance.
list of roles to choose from, ims pei
Set up your user profiles based on different disciplines.
ims4field cenosco
Embrace the ease of digital checklists for all your field work.
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QR Codes

Print QR Codes to the relevant equipment information, so that it can always be easily accessed when needed.

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You might also want to know…

What are the platform’s import capabilities?

We provide multiple import options, from individual sets to bulk import.

How quickly can I get started using the software once integrated?

The Cenosco Academy is our e-learning platform that covers a wide range of both hands-on tool trainings and methodology deep dives.

Our platform gives our users the opportunity to learn new techniques or polish up their skills in a trackable, self-paced environment.

Click here to learn more.

My company has very strict requirements in terms of security, is it possible to host this application on our own servers?

We provide our customers with a variety of hosting options. Including Shared, Dedicated and On-Premise. We advise against On-Premise hosting, as offer the latest and greatest in terms of security.

Read more about this topic in our blog post: Integrity Management Software: SaaS or Perpetual License

I’ve already done a lot of work in a different system or offline, can you assist me in getting this data inside the IMS System?

Of course! We have both Data Migration and Integration services at your disposal.

See the IMS Suite in action!

Upgrade your maintenance maturity from reactive to predictive. We have unified solutions for all your equipment types: Pressure, Civil, Electrical, Rotating and Pipelines.

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