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Corrosion Prediction Software

Use our corrosion prediction software to predict internal corrosion and determine the best material selection for your carbon steel pipelines or similar equipment.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Predict and mitigate internal corrosion
  • Minimize CAPEX costs for new projects
  • Optimize OPEX costs for existing facilities

Corrosion Prediction
and Material Selection

Hydrocor is a cloud-based internal corrosion calculation and prediction software solution. It helps prevent leaks and explosions by improving your asset availability. This is done firstly through the design stage, by helping you choose the right materials for your processes. Secondly, through proper corrosion prediction and maintenance planning. You don’t need to have an expensive maintenance schedule to ensure the safety of your people and high asset availability. With Hydrocor, you will optimize your maintenance schedules for internal corrosion through degradation rate prediction.

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“We have successfully predicted critical internal corrosion and prevented unscheduled shutdowns thanks to Hydrocor.”

Manfred Pipeline Manger

Key Features

Optimize your maintenance schedules for internal corrosion

Below we lay out some of the key features of Hydrocor. Explore the many ways in which our corrosion prediction software can help you gain control of your operations

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Corrosion Prediction

Predict corrosion based on various degradation mechanisms: CO2, H2S, Organic Acids, O2 Corrosion, Microbial Corrosion

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Smart Materials Selection

Calculate corrosion rate per material and overview options with a user-friendly traffic light system.

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Load scenarios and project life simulations

Create scenarios during the entire pipeline lifecycle, to mitigate corrosion

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Stakeholder Overview

Asset Manager

Asset Managers will get the most benefit out of the solution, as it will help them achieve their goals for asset availability and optimal inspection costs. This will come together with an overview of the risk profile.


We provide a single source of truth for multiple tasks and add a layer of control to critical data accessibility. This results in an overall enhancement of the data governance and accelerates your digitalization journey. Furthermore, the solution is fully cloud-based. Ensure the lowest investment possible in terms of material and software.

Inspection Engineer

Benefit from corrosion prediction calculations as well as mitigation strategies. For those involved in the design stage, access an exclusive database to choose the best material for your assets.

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Graphical representation of correlations in analysis

View graphical representations of different correlations based on your data.

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