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Cenosco's IMS Suite Featured in Verdantix Exclusive Report

Verdantix breaks down why Cenosco is the solution of choice for Oil and Gas firms that want to proactively manage equipment to prevent leaks and accidents.

6 March '24

oil and gas refinery

Verdantix report “Cenosco Embeds Deep Asset Integrity Knowledge In Its IMS Suite” explores how Cenosco’s unified cloud-based software suite, IMS, provides users with a more granular view of their assets, as well as an enhanced understanding of failure modes and maintenance strategies.

Verdantix is a respected research firm providing valuable insights and analysis to major global enterprises. With over a decade of trusted reports and data, they offer practical guidance to help businesses navigate technological advancements and innovate effectively for the future.

Inside the report

Download the report to gain insights into how Cenosco supports the energy and petrochemical industries with specialized asset integrity solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of asset integrity management solutions and discover why organizations striving for safer and more reliable operations should consider partnering with Cenosco. Furthermore, gain valuable strategies and insights for enhancing safety standards and operational reliability, and learn how Cenosco’s innovative offerings are reshaping asset integrity practices within these vital sectors.

Empowering Excellence: Advancements, Partnerships, and Innovations in Asset Integrity Management

The report breaks down a basic timeline of events leading up to today, looking at the development of IMS through Cenosco’s partnership with Shell from over twenty years ago. Additionally it touches on our extensive user base and our global presence with assets deployed in over 40 countries.

Furthermore, you will get a glimpse into our Partner Network, for example, through our work with Hexagon and Maxgrip.
Finally, it also explores the various innovation and development plans for IMS that aid in elevating the user experience of engineers, asset managers, and field workers, for example, through automation, 3D Visualization, or Dynamic Forms.

Exploring the Diverse Capabilities of the IMS Suite

In the next section of the report, a variety of the modules of the IMS Suite are presented.

Find out more about how IMS PEI and IMS PLSS offer advanced corrosion calculations using our RBI methodology, or explore how we can help you set up a strategy that identifies the most critical assets through the RCM2 methodology.

Above all this closer look at the IMS Suite will familiarize you with our products’ capabilities and results.

IMS as the Software of Choice for Oil and Gas Firms, Asset-Heavy Firms, and More

For industrial firms aiming to enhance safety, reliability, and operational efficiency, Cenosco is certainly the solution of choice.

In the report’s final section, the Verdantix report breaks down why Cenosco is an ideal offering for Oil and Gas firms wanting to manage equipment proactively to prevent accidents and leaks, asset-heavy firms with a large mobile workforce, and more.

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