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KIWA Process Industry Days 2023

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15 November '23

cenosco at kiwa process industry days 2023

The KIWA Process Industry Days delve into the intricacies of the process industry, spanning graphics, furniture, tool-making, and recycling. It emphasizes the importance of meticulous manufacturing processes aligned with international standards for quality, safety, and health. Attendees gain insights into optimizing operations, enhancing output, and ensuring compliance through recognized management systems and specialized certifications. The event also highlights product inspection and testing to guarantee stringent quality standards.

Cenosco at KIWA Process Industry Days

This year, Omar A. Rugebani, our Partner and Alliance Director, and Daphne Panteli, one of our Marketing Representatives, were there and had some time to talk to you about all things asset integrity management.

omar rugebani cenosco

Omar A. Rugebani

Partner & Alliance Director

daphne panteli, cenosco

Daphne Panteli

Sales Development Representative


📅 Dates: 23-24 November, 2023
🏠 Venue: Stenungsbaden Yacht Club
📌 Location: Stenungsund, Sweden

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