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The 3rd Asset Integrity Management Conference

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26 July '23

cenosco at the 3rd asset integrity management conference

We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with SGS as co-sponsors of the upcoming 3rd Asset Integrity Management Conference. As the industry leaders in Asset Integrity Management, we are joining hands to bring you an event of unparalleled value. This conference presents a unique opportunity for professionals in the Oil and Gas sector to converge and engage in insightful discussions about the latest trends, innovations, and technologies. Together, we will delve into Oman’s remarkable journey toward operational excellence while addressing vital aspects such as asset visualization, corrosion monitoring, HSE concerns, and more. Our joint commitment to fostering learning, networking, and innovation aligns seamlessly with the conference’s objectives, making this collaboration a perfect fit.

We look forward to sharing our expertise, driving business growth, and contributing to the advancement of the industry alongside SGS. Join us in this remarkable event, where knowledge, collaboration, and innovation converge for a brighter future.

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