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With new CEO, Cenosco is on track to consolidate its Asset Integrity Management Software

Cenosco announced today that Jan Poulsen has been appointed as the company’s new CEO, succeeding Mischa Simonis.

22 April '21

cenosco's ceo jan poulsen having a conversation with an interviewer

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, April 21, 2021 – Cenosco announced today that Jan Poulsen had been appointed as the company’s new CEO, succeeding Mischa Simonis.

Poulsen will focus on further professionalizing the company and steering Cenosco toward continuous product development. This will enable Simonis to focus on the product development side more exclusively.

The announcement comes on the heels of the news about Cenosco’s new partnership with European software investor Fortino Capital Partners. This investment milestone was communicated in early December 2020, marking the beginning of an accelerated growth journey for Cenosco. Poulsen’s experience will be key in accomplishing the growth objectives.

Building upon more than twenty years of experience and strong partnerships in the oil and gas industry, Cenosco has ambitious plans to further finetune and develop their cloud-based, mobile-friendly technology, which is used to manage risks related to integrity, reliability, and instrumentation safety.

The platform, called IMS (Integrity Management System), is composed of modules that cover different asset parts. It calculates optimal intervention periods and defines an efficient maintenance strategy. The solution is used in plants with heavy machinery and installations, in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as in sectors such as Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, and Energy & Utilities.

Users can expect many improved and new features, including tools like 3D-mapped inspection plans, AR and VR, machine learning for image processing, artificial intelligence as part of the Degradation Management Framework, reliability analytics, seamless integrations with CMMS and Digital Twins, covering all the aspects of an asset lifecycle.

In addition to a balanced track record, focusing on both commercial and operational business activities, Poulsen has worked with market-leading companies across sectors, including Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals.

Until recently, he held the position of CEO of Thinkstep AG, a global software and consulting company within Compliance and Sustainability. He received a Masters’ degree in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School, and completed an Executive Board Programme at INSEAD with the Scandinavian Executive Institute.

Jan is the perfect fit for Cenosco,” said Matthias Vandepitte, Partner at Fortino Capital, who is the majority shareholder. “Jan’s extensive experience with business development and international expansion, together with his strong leadership experience, will help focus Cenosco during the accelerated growth phase in the coming years.”

About Fortino Capital Partners

Fortino Capital Partners is a European enterprise software investor. The firm has offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam and manages a €240 million growth private equity fund and two venture capital funds for earlier-stage software opportunities. Its investment portfolio includes MobileXpense, Efficy CRM, Odin Groep, Tenzinger, Maxxton, and Teamleader, among others.

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