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On-Demand Webinar: Why should you apply risk-based inspection (RBI) to your civil structures?

The dynamics of civil structures differ from most other plant equipment – with degradation processes measured in decades rather than years. These long timeframes mean that inspections of civil structures are often neglected – and as a result, so is their integrity. This can pose a significant risk to your assets. Despite the long timelines, we believe a risk-based inspection approach can and should be applied to civil structures – and can even bring additional benefits.

In this webinar our experts Hans Huissoon and Luiz Curado shared:

  • Why RBI is so important for civil structures
  • How to calculate your asset’s criticality or base risk, with the help of our IMS PEI
  • The benefits RBI could bring to you

Meet our speakers

Hans Huissoon

Hans has a background in civil and materials engineering. He specializes in civil integrity management and thermal and acoustic industrial insulation. After working for a major oil & gas company for 42 years, he now owns Huissoon Consultancy.

Luiz Curado

Luiz is an engineer with a post-graduate degree in safety, as well as an MBA. With over 18 years of international experience in inspection and integrity, he is currently a Solution Engineer Manager and Trainer at Cenosco.