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Equipment Maintenance Management Software

Software for Equipment Maintenance.

Harness the power of the industry leading management software to revolutionize your equipment maintenance!

equipment maintenance management software cenosco

25-30% Maintenance Costs Reduction

29% Increase in Equipment Uptime

15-20% Cost Savings

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Equipment Maintenance Management Software

The Industry Leading Software

Say goodbye to costly downtime—our IMS RCM software ensures your equipment stays in peak condition, unlocking unparalleled performance and boosting your bottom line!

Trusted by Industry Leaders


  • Increased Equipment Uptime. Maintenance Efficiency Index
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost. Manage Equipment Care Optimization
  • Enhanced Equipment Lifespan. access to a Reliability Strategy Library

Cut Costs with Equipment Maintenance Software!

Through our dynamic maintenance scheduling and performance tracking solutions, businesses gain the upper hand in sidestepping expensive emergency repairs and sidetracking the necessity for major replacements.

Experience a dramatic reduction in long-term maintenance expenses and watch your profits soar to new heights! Create your own guided checklist, configured to your particular needs. Furthermore, you will get Smart recommendations for your process based on your particular scenario.

For asset-heavy industries

Oil & Gas

To monitor and maintain assets like pipelines, both onshore and offshore, you need software that can handle the complexity of your operations and mitigate risks.


Equipment maintenance is vital to chemical producers. To keep your risk to people environment and assets as low as reasonably practicable.

Renewable Energy

Helping identify and mitigate potential hazards in complex energy operations makes renewable energy sources a reliable and responsible choice for the future.

Pulp & Paper

Maintaining product quality is paramount in this industry, thus making IMS RCM essential for proactive maintenance of equipment in mills.

“The flexibility of the dashboards gives us more control over what we want to do with the tool.”

Alex L.
Reliability Manager

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Trusted worldwide

5000 +


120 +

Deployed assets

50 +

Active countries

20 yrs


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Let’s Enable Safe and Smart Environments

Cenosco brings the digital revolution to asset integrity management.
Our simple-to-use and fast-performing solutions reduce risks and improve productivity for businesses all over the world.

We envision a safe and smart environment for companies operating in asset-heavy industries. This means that we aim to support these companies’ capabilities to operate at their full potential, with the latest technologies, all while prioritizing the health and safety of people and the environment.

We were founded in 2002, in Netherlands, and our IMS software is created in collaboration with multinational oil and gas leader Shell.

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