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HAZOP Software is part of IMS SIS.

HAZOP Software is part of IMS SIS, our all integrated Safety Lifecycle software for Safety Instrumented Systems. Facilitate your HAZOP Study with ease in our cloud-based IMS SIS software.

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Synchronize Safety Studies

Bowtie visualization

Access exclusive libraries from Shell, or integrate OREDA

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IMS SIS – HAZOP Study Software

Take Your Safety to the Next Level

IMS SIS goes beyond conventional safety assessments by integrating HAZOP, LOPA, SIF design verification, and proof testing modules resulting in enhanced operational safety.

IMS SIS serves as a comprehensive tool supporting the entire Safety Lifecycle Management process according to IEC61508 & IEC61511 standards.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Software benefits

  • Single software tool for all functional safety management
  • Simplification of work processes/ Management of Change (MoC)
  • Enhanced understanding of safety measures with Bowtie visalization

Identify and Analyze Potential Hazards and Risks

Our HAZOP software empowers proactive hazard mitigation, design optimization, and safeguarding. It also includes Bowtie visualization for a clear understanding of hazards.

Our state-of-the-art IMS SIS software enhances safety and operational efficiency, prioritizing study integrity.

For asset-heavy industries

Oil & Gas

To monitor and maintain assets like pipelines, both onshore and offshore, you need software that can handle the complexity of your operations and mitigate risks.


Ensuring instrumentation safety is vital to chemical producers. To keep your risk to people environment and assets as low as reasonably practicable.

Renewable Energy

Helping identify and mitigate potential hazards in complex energy operations makes renewable energy sources a reliable and responsible choice for the future.

Pulp & Paper

Maintaining product quality is paramount in this industry, thus making SIS essential for proactive implementation of safety measures and risk mitigation strategies.

”The transformative power of IMS SIS software is the seamless synchronization of data from the entire functional safety lifecycle. It has facilitated us to collaborate more, continuously elevate our safety measures, and enhance our overall efficiency.”

Josh L.
Control Systems Engineer

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Trusted software worldwide

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Deployed assets

50 +

Active countries

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Let’s Enable Safe and Smart Environments

Cenosco brings the digital revolution to asset integrity management.
Our simple-to-use and fast-performing solutions reduce risks and improve productivity for businesses all over the world.

We envision a safe and smart environment for companies operating in asset-heavy industries. This means that we aim to support these companies’ capabilities to operate at their full potential, with the latest technologies, all while prioritizing the health and safety of people and the environment.

IMS is actively used in over 50 countries with more than 5000 users. It has been deployed in several hundred assets and has been built on over 20 years of industry experience.

We were founded in 2002, in Netherlands, and our IMS software is created in collaboration with multinational oil and gas leader Shell.

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