Corrosion prediction

Hydrocor is a sophisticated web-based engineering application for predicting internal corrosion in carbon steel pipelines or similar equipment. It is also used as a material selection tool. This corrosion prediction and material selection software is acknowledged by industry as the best in class, the market standard. The corrosion prediction software is built on 45 years of experience in corrosion and flow modelling, and benefitted from both operational field experience, as well as scientific collaboration.

This mature methodology, for which Cenosco has distribution rights, has been developed and maintained by Shell Global Solutions.


Reliable Corrosion Rate Prediction

The corrosion prediction models are combined with a multiphase flow model, a heat transfer model, and a chemistry model, which enables reliable prediction of the corrosion rate profiles along a pipeline or similar equipment. This makes it possible to accurately identify the operational conditions under which a corrosive, water-wet hydrocarbon production stream can be produced, processed, and transported in carbon steel facilities, whilst maintaining integrity. All underlining models get updated regularly with the most recent industry and academic knowledge.

Hydrocor is also fully integrated with IMS PLSS. This is a pipeline management software, with which you can enhance your Integrity Management approach even further.

Corrosion Mitigation

To provide reliable guidance in real-life field conditions, Hydrocor also predicts a mitigated corrosion rate. Several mitigation measures (corrosion control options) can be included in the prediction: Corrosion inhibition (also batch inhibition), cleaning/pigging, dewpoint control, and biociding. The mitigated corrosion rate can be used to assess both the effectiveness of the mitigation measures (corrosion controls) that are already in place, as well as the demand for additional corrosion mitigation. With this information an effective corrosion mitigation strategy can be identified. This typically has a huge impact on operating expenses (OPEX). Hydrocor will also guide the user towards good operational behavior and best practices, for instance by advising a pigging frequency.

Material Selection Tool

Hydrocor can also, very successfully, be used in the first stage of material selection: i.e., to assess if (or how) carbon steel can be used. Thus, it can be used as a material selection tool to design and operate carbon steel pipelines in highly corrosive fields. This can have a huge impact on the project cost (CAPEX). The outputs that Hydrocor provides on in-situ operational conditions are used as inputs for evaluation of material integrity. Conditions like in-situ pH, water chemistry, temperature, and pH2are reviewed against identified material integrity limits. Hydrocor also advises on the suitability of other materials.

Hydrocor models 

  • CO2 (sweet) corrosion  
  • H2S (sour) corrosion  
  • CO2/H2S corrosion  
  • Organic Acid corrosion  
  • Oxygen corrosion 
  • Microbial corrosion (qualitative) 
  • Water chemistry unmitigated corrosion (pH calculation, iron supersaturation, FeCO3 precipitation) 
  • Multiphase flow (flow pattern, liquid hold-up, pressure gradient, phase flow velocities) 
  • Temperature gradient 
  • Water/alcohol phase distribution 
  • Water/alcohol condensation 
  • Organic acid partitioning in water/gas/oil phases 

Key Features

  • User-friendly web-based environment
  • Keeps all your corrosion data in one place
  • Advanced visualization (e.g. Flow pattern maps)
  • Guiding messages
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Multi-case and Multi-year calculations
  • Import / Export functionality for bulk data

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