The next-gen SIFpro is a master tool like no other in the field of Functional Safety.

Manage the complete Safety Lifecycle Management process fully compliant with IEC61508 & IEC61511 in our all-new IMS SIS module. It comes integrated with HAZOP, LOPA, SIF Design, SIF Analysis, SIL Assessment, and SIF Test Scheduling modules – allowing you to manage your entire Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Lifecycle loop from design to scheduled maintenance in a single tool.

Benefits of IMS SIS


Built-in intelligent revision management, history logging, and retroactive implementation of changes in respective HAZOP and their corresponding LOPA and SIFs minimize effort and time.

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An all-integrated SIS Management software means lesser integrations across individual software dealing with SIS processes – integration to CMMS, ERP, Alarm Management, and more is something we do across our IMS Suite.


Compliance to IEC 61508/ 61511 coupled with the convenience of a single Software with interconnected modules that covers all your Functional Safety Lifecycle Management processes to ensure a safe and secure work environment.


Benefit from exclusive access to a rich repository of Shell Failure Rate Database incorporating decades of safe & reliable operational experience from across all their sites worldwide.

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Ready to unleash the benefits of an integrated tool for your Risk studies?

Learn more about how IMS SIS allows you to manage your entire Safety instrumented System (SIS) Lifecycle loop from design to scheduled maintenance in a single tool.

Key features of IMS SIS

  • IMS SIS, like its predecessor SIFpro is in full compliance with IEC61508 and IEC61511
  • HAZOP Study module comes packed with Hazards and Effects Management Process methodology (HAZOP) to identify hazards and put safeguards in place to prevent events from occurring
  • LOPA Study module (Layer of Protection Analysis) allows you to build your LOPA from the existing HAZOP with the data from the extensive library of Initiating Events (Causes) and Barriers (Safeguards) or user-defined data

  • Calculate the Overall RRF and Overall SIL level for the corresponding Consequence with a single click
  • Import the Proof Test results in the Condition History module of the IMS so that your custom data can be factored in failure rate data studies
  • Assign Proof Tests to the associated Equipment’s Schedule to ensure that the SIFs achieve the target PFDs 
  • Full documentation on systems design, logic, and history
  • Ease of use via the web-based interface

  • Unlock the added advantages of the IMS Platform like Custom Reports, KPI Dashboards, the all-new Dynamic Forms – a configurable data collection tool to create templates for Inspection Checklists, and more
  • Design your SIFs, link them to the corresponding LOPA & HAZOP, and determine the minimum required RRF in the SIF Analysis module

Download the IMS SIS brochure