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Cenosco x Hexagon: Unlocking Data and Accelerating Digital Maturity

We are excited to share the news of our technology partnership with Hexagon.

14 June '23

cenosco hexagon partnership

We are thrilled to announce our technology partnership with Hexagon, another industry leader committed to revolutionizing businesses through data-driven digital solutions. Together, we offer a comprehensive integration of our IMS Suite of solutions and Hexagon’s Smart Digital reality solutions, enabling companies to embark on a real-time data-driven decision-making journey. This integration supports businesses in managing risks, optimizing processes, and achieving optimum results in terms of safety, efficiency, and productivity. By doing so, we contribute to a better, more sustainable world, which is one of the core values we live by.

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Hexagon’s Smart Digital Reality

Smart Digital Reality is Hexagon’s strategic advantage and the greatest source of value creation for our customers, empowering them to put data to work in ways that go far beyond what was ever thought possible. This is a completely new level of “reality” that is infinitely better. It’s digital and data-driven, delivering an experience that’s rich and engaging, immersive and real. It’s the digital leap forward that will make all the difference for our customers.

The IMS Suite

Cenosco is the leading provider of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) software. Companies operating in asset-heavy industries are all prone to equipment failure, unplanned shutdowns, deferred production, as well as many major health and safety hazards. These dangerous and costly incidents arise due to inefficient asset integrity management. Our solutions safeguard integrity, reliability, and instrumentation safety in asset-intensive industries. With IMS, you can calculate optimal intervention periods and layout efficient maintenance strategies.