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Cenosco Joins HOIS Joint Industry Project 

The HOIS Joint Industry Project has brought in the newest HOIS member, introducing Cenosco’s IMS Suite, the leading asset integrity management software.

30 August '23

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31st of August 2023 – Cenosco, the leading provider of asset integrity management software, announced today that they have officially joined the HOIS Joint Industry project.

HOIS is the leading forum for NDT and is recognized by regulatory bodies as a group that helps to develop good practices in asset integrity. Their objective is to enable collaboration, the sharing of knowledge, and best practices to drive innovation and enhance safety. Cenosco’s IMS Suite is, therefore, an excellent addition to HOIS’s global network of project partners, introducing a platform that counts on over twenty years of experience, and has been created in partnership with world-renowned oil and gas leader, Shell.  

Cenosco’s Integrity Management Systems (IMS) Suite aligns with HOIS’s work on advancing inspection and asset integrity. The IMS Suite safeguards integrity, reliability, and instrumentation safety in asset-intensive industries.

Currently, their software is trusted by over fifty companies, with several hundred assets deployed in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation.   

The IMS Suite complements the needs of those in the HOIS Joint Industry Project in a variety of ways.

The software is packed with full capabilities of overall equipment types and processes found in the industry, and through continuous innovation, users are guaranteed to stay up to date with relevant capabilities. HOIS has a growing reputation in the digitalization of asset integrity and inspection, this is a key theme for the joint industry project.

Cenosco is also already working with C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft on the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI). With Cenosco’s IMS Suite, the OAI is able to offer an AI-powered end-to-end solution for integrity management – from issue identification to diagnosis and resolution.   

Cenosco joins the HOIS consortium with a shared commitment to enhance in-service inspection for assets and improve safety. Cenosco and HOIS are well-positioned to drive innovation and advance industry standards. Their collaboration will help ensure that asset-intensive industries have access to the most advanced software solutions and expertise to manage risk, optimize performance, and protect people and the environment.  

“We are excited to join the HOIS network and collaborate with other industry leaders to drive innovation and enhance asset integrity and safety. We look forward to working with HOIS to improve our solutions further and deliver even greater value to our customers.” – Jan Poulsen, CEO, Cenosco   

“We are delighted that Cenosco has joined the HOIS joint industry project and look forward to working with them on advancing asset integrity and inspection in the energy and related sectors.  Cenosco will be a valuable addition to our growing global network.”  Helen Peramatzis, HOIS Program Manager, ESR Technology Ltd. 

About Cenosco  

Cenosco is an asset integrity management software company with over 20 years of product leadership in asset-heavy industries. Their IMS suite of solutions currently ensures the integrity and reliability of several hundred assets in over 50 countries. Cenosco is found at the center of the ecosystem for all things asset integrity management innovation. As of May 2022, Cenosco joined the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI) and made its IMS Suite available in combination with other OAI solutions. By joining the HOIS Joint Industry Project initiative, they solidify their position in the ecosystem as a key player.  

About HOIS  

HOIS is a joint industry project, established in 1982 and is managed by ESR Technology Ltd. HOIS has nearly 40 project partners in the energy sector including asset owner/operators, non-destructive testing service companies, NDT equipment vendors and technology developers, The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) and regulatory authorities such as the UK HSE. The current Chair of HOIS is held by Shell and the Deputy Chair by Equinor. 

The HOIS vision is to improve the effectiveness of in-service inspection for the energy industry.  

HOIS is the leading forum for NDT, and it’s recognized by regulatory bodies as a group that helps to develop good practices in asset integrity. HOIS establishes the capabilities and limitations of inspection techniques for specific inspection challenges by means of rigorously controlled blind trials which inform the development of industry good practice guidance documents. 

As in other sectors, digitalization is increasingly playing a role in integrity and inspection. One of the current key themes of HOIS work is the disruptive power of digitalization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of integrity management in the energy sector. HOIS has a role in highlighting existing and emerging technology and how to address organizational barriers to change. 

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