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Cenosco Releases Version 2023.2 of the IMS Platform

The new IMS version is focused on simplifying the workflows and communication streams of asset-intensive customers, complete with a connected mobile application, bowtie visualization and streamlined tanks management.

15 August '23

ims release

The Hague, August 15, 2023 – In its commitment to make its customers’ operations more safe, reliable and sustainable, Cenosco released version 2023.2 of IMS, its asset integrity and reliability platform.

This major release simplifies workflows through a simplified approach to tank management and eases interdepartmental communication with a revamped mobile experience and novel bowtie visualization. With this release, field workers and process safety professionals have the tools to collaborate with discipline engineers directly within IMS easily. 

“Today’s engineers are looking for tools that seamlessly bring together their business’s data and analyses so they can efficiently move their initiatives forward,” says Jan Poulsen, CEO of Cenosco. “IMS already brings engineering data and analyses together in one place to foster cooperation across multiple engineering disciplines. Now, these engineering disciplines can directly extend their collaborations with field operators, maintenance, and process safety professionals in the same platform.” 

The 2023.2 release features several key improvements across the suite of IMS products and major updates within the core platform. Enhanced performance boosts communication from the CMMS, while enhanced exports of dynamic forms make managing their content more user-friendly. 

Key highlights of the 2023.2 version of IMS include: 

  • IMS4Field – The integrated mobile app of the IMS platform. IMS4Field combines IMS’s planning across inspections, maintenance, and operations into one point of execution. The simple user interface draws on scheduled activities from across IMS for the field worker to complete in a dedicated IMS tool that is simplified for the use case of execution of field tasks. 
  • Bowtie Visualization – Visualize threat to consequence lines directly from completed HAZOP studies, in a single click, and use the bowtie as a communication tool across instrumentation and process safety disciplines. The built-in detailed view shows LOPA data out of the box, along critical pathways.  
  • Tanks Management on Component Level – RBI for tanks is now completely done on the component level, while sub-components have been entirely removed from this process. The result is faster and ensures more efficient workflows.  
  • Dynamic Forms for Leaks Management – For the first time, dynamic forms are now tailored to the needs of flange connection management in IMS FCM, further supporting sustainability goals on the industrial site.  
  • User experience improvements to IMS RCM – Reliability engineers now have more control inside and outside of IMS to rationalize asset priorities in the plant as well as what-if scenarios. 

“The 2023.2 version of IMS opens up the expert data and analyses of our customers’ engineering disciplines to simplify collaboration with their peers across the business,” says Tina Amirtha, Senior Product Manager at Cenosco. “We will continue to make our users work smarter both within their disciplines and across department lines in order to help our customers reach their goals in safety, reliability, and sustainability.” 

IMS 2023.2 is now available for new Cenosco customers and as an upgrade for existing customers. For more information, visit, and follow Cenosco on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About Cenosco

Cenosco is the leading provider of asset integrity management software.

With over 20 years of product leadership in asset-intensive industries, including oil and gas and chemical manufacturing. Cenosco’s IMS Suite of solutions was designed to support users in making smart inspection and maintenance decisions to increase safety, maximize asset availability, and optimize asset management costs.

It is currently utilized to safeguard several hundred assets in over 50 countries. Cenosco created the IMS Suite in collaboration with Shell.