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IMS Release 2024.1 Feature Summary

Our experts will guide you through the updates, ensuring you're fully equipped to leverage the platform's enhanced capabilities. Watch the video.

26 March '24

ims release 2024

Watch our IMS Release 2024.1 online session to stay ahead of the curve! Our experts will guide you through the updates, ensuring you can fully leverage the platform’s enhanced capabilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your IMS usage and drive greater efficiency in your workflows. Reserve your spot now to unlock IMS’s full potential!

Which IMS module is the webinar about?

This session will cover all our IMS Suite modules and methodologies, including IMS PEI, IMS RCM, IMS FCM, IMS PLSS, and IMS SIS.

Who is this webinar for?

Site Focal points, all IMS users.

  • Attendees will get direct access to information about the latest IMS release, including new features, updates, and improvements straight from the source.
  • IMS users can stay updated on the platform’s latest advancements, ensuring they remain current with the latest tools and functionalities. Attendees can proactively drive adoption within their organization, ensuring maximum value and success from the platform.

Connect with Experts:

Interact with our team of experts to answer your questions.

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📌 Location: Online


sangeeth sagar cenosco

Sangeeth Sagar

Product Marketing Manager

Sangeeth is a mechanical engineer who worked in the aerospace and automobile industries as an NVH R&D and testing engineer before transitioning to product management of process control instrumentation. He is a part of Cenosco’s product management and marketing team, where he oversees product strategy and portfolio management.

marko bozac cenosco

Marko Bozac

Staff Product Manager

Marko Bozac is a seasoned Product Manager with a passion for leveraging technology to drive innovation and improve user experiences. With a diverse background in product development and project management, Marko has honed his skills in leading cross-functional teams and delivering successful software solutions. Currently serving as a Product Manager at Cenosco, Marko is dedicated to creating intuitive and efficient products that empower users to streamline their workflows and achieve their goals.

Watch the recording