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Revolutionizing Asset Integrity Management – IMS Software

Are you looking to revolutionize the way in which you safeguard your assets? In this webinar, we explore how the IMS Software Suite will help you upgrade your maintenance maturity from reactive to predictive.

20 February '23

ims software cenosco

Asset Integrity Management is the key maintenance and inspection practice for companies operating in asset-intensive industries. It helps make sure that assets perform their function effectively and efficiently through the duration of their lifecycle. In this webinar, we explore the IMS Suite, asset integrity management software solutions that revolutionize the way in which you safeguard your assets. Watch Now.

In this webinar, we explore…

  • The importance of an Integrity Management System
  • Common problems associated with inefficient Integrity Management Systems
  • Introducing The IMS Suite: Integrity Management System
  • Understanding the Asset Integrity Lifecycle
  • Exploring Digital Maturity and how to digitalize your workflows
  • Migration and Implementation of Integrity Management Software
  • … much more!

Meet the speaker

luiz curado - cenosco

Luiz Curado

Soultion Engineering & Business Development Manager

Luiz is an engineer with a post-graduate degree in safety and an MBA. With over 18 years of international experience in inspection and integrity, he is currently a Solution Engineer Manager and Trainer at Cenosco.

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