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Essential Buyer's Guide to Asset Integrity Management

  • Manage environmental, health, and safety risks
  • Prevent critical failures and reduce downtime
  • Accelerate your digital maturity journey
essential buyer's guide for asset integrity management software cenosco

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essential buyer's guide for asset integrity management software cenosco

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How to Use This Guide

This guide has been created for engineering professionals and CIOs who need to evaluate and select Asset Integrity Management software for their organization. This guide has been designed especially for asset-intensive industries, such as oil and gas and chemicals, as these industries are the most reliant on effective and reliable Asset Integrity Management software. For these buyers, Asset Integrity Management software is a long-term investment for a sustained journey towards empowering their organizations to safeguard and gain control of their assets, keep their people safe, and comply with regulations.

Prospecting buyers can use this checklist as a way to evaluate or score different vendors and their offerings. We provide room to apply a different weight to each category so you can tailor your research to your specific needs. Finally, we conclude with an overview of additional requirements you may want to consider when selecting a vendor and considering their capabilities. These characteristics should also play a role in making your final decision when choosing which Asset Integrity Management software to implement.

Why does your choice matter?

The costs associated with unplanned shutdowns in the oil and gas industry have been cited to be between $38 to $88 million USD a year on average. In 2016, the oil and gas industry saw 29 accidents where a total of 50 lives were lost, averaging almost two fatalities per plant incident. The types of equipment used in these industries may vary from pipelines to pressure equipment to electrical equipment. These all have in common that fatigue cracks, corrosion, and other deterioration processes that can be spotted on the instruments do not necessarily symbolize damage or a need for maintenance, making it more difficult to assess when and where attention is required. This is where a well-integrated and effective AIM solution can help your business thrive in terms of safety and proper asset function.

Fundamental Features Checklist

Download our guide now to access our carefully-crafted Fundamental Features Checklist. You can use this checklist to assess your different vendor provider options and compare them against each other. We include a column to include the weight of importance you give each feature, as some might be more important to you than to others. From here, you can get a proper overview of your choices to make a carefully crafted decision.


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