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Pipeline and Subsea Systems

Pipeline Integrity Management Sofware

Say goodbye to costly inspection schedules and reactive maintenance. Get IMS PLSS and secure the future of your subsea and pipeline systems with efficient pipeline integrity management software.

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Internal and external corrosion assessments

Run “What if” scenarios

ILI and FFS calculations

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Pipeline Integrity Management Software

The Industry Leading Software

IMS PLSS is your comprehensive solution for managing subsea and pipeline integrity.
By integrating intelligent pigging data, optimizing pipeline integrity management, offering cathodic protection monitoring, and advanced corrosion prediction calculations, it empowers you to maintain the highest level of safety and asset availability.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


  • Preventing leaks and explosions.
  • Optimized pipeline integrity management.
  • Cathodic protection monitoring.

IMS PLSS: Pipeline Integrity Management Software

IMS PLSS is a cloud-based software that offers an all-encompassing approach to pipeline and subsea integrity management. With a strong focus on safety and asset availability, our pipeline integrity software can significantly improve the overall health of your pipeline and subsea infrastructure.

For asset-heavy industries

Oil & Gas

Pipeline integrity management software is of utmost importance in the oil and gas industry to prevent leaks, reduce environmental risks, and maintain the safe and continuous transportation of fluids.


Pipeline integrity management prevents leaks, spillage, or contamination of hazardous substances, safeguarding human health, environmental integrity, and avoiding costly production disruptions and regulatory penalties.

Renewable Energy

Ensuring the safe and efficient transport of renewable fuels like hydrogen or biofuels and enabling consistent energy production while minimizing environmental and safety risks, contributes to the sustainability of renewable energy sources.

Pulp & Paper

Pipeline integrity is crucial for the pulp and paper industry to minimize the risk of interruptions that could disrupt production and damage the environment. Maintaining pipeline integrity upholds safety standards and regulatory compliance in a highly regulated industry.

“I’ve seen the importance of proactive measures in preventing corrosion on buried pipelines. With cathodic protection monitoring and advanced corrosion prediction calculations, we are taking control of pipeline integrity.”

Svein Ole M.,
Inspection Engineer

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The integrity software standard

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120 +

Deployed assets

40 +

Active countries

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Let’s Enable Safe and Smart Environments

Cenosco brings the digital revolution to asset integrity management. Our simple-to-use and fast-performing solutions reduce risks and improve productivity for businesses all over the world.

We envision a safe and smart environment for companies operating in asset-heavy industries. This means that we aim to support these companies’ capabilities to operate at their full potential, with the latest technologies, all while prioritizing the health and safety of people and the environment.

We were founded in 2002, in the Netherlands, and our IMS software is created in collaboration with multinational oil and gas leader Shell.

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