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IMS PEI: Degradation Management Program

This program has a specialization on Degradation Management. You'll go over the fundamentals of IMS PEI, get an in-depth look at degradation management features and finish off with additional IMS features.

ims pei: basics program cenosco

Who can benefit from this program?

Discipline Engineer (For example Corrosion Materials Engineer, Pressure Equipment Engineer, Inspection Engineer)

What you will learn…

  • Fundamentals
    • Navigating IMS
    • The IMS Hierarchy
    • Schedules (and Next Inspection Dates)
    • Equipment Condition Histories
  • Degradation Management
    • Degradation Management
    • Corrosion Loops, Corrosion Management Framework, and Integrity Operating Windows
    • The Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) process
  • Additional IMS features
    • User Settings and Feedback
    • Batch Import and Export functionality
    • Awareness: IMS Settings (and User Roles), Reporting, Dashboards and Queries, Change & Deferrals, 3D & 2D Visualizations, CMMS Interfacing

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