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A one-day IMS FCM tool training will be useful for any officer with responsibility for flange inspection and maintenance. This small but powerful IMS module will warrant a structured approach to the assembly and dismantling of (critical) flanges.

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Learning Objectives

We are going to explain the navigation and core functionality of the software and we are going to use the FCM test database for training purposes to get you up and running in no time. The goal of the training is to help you to successfully use YOUR flange connection management program.

Learn how to effectively use the core feature of IMS FCM

Manage the asset register and its specifications

Basic understanding of the torque, tension and integrity calculations using different standards

Use of the job planning and field reporting tools (incl. connectivity with smart torque tools)

Topics covered in this training

High-level overview of FCM

(interface, hierarchy, settings)


Introduction to User Interface

Hierarchy in FCM

Flange FLOC and Equipment

Flange Specs

Job Approving

Creating and Assigning Jobs

Closing Jobs with Condition History

Approving Condition History

Printing Protocols and Labels

Target Group

The training is tailored for all potential and current user groups of IMS FCM, such as:

Maintenance Managers

Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance Professionals

Turnaround Technologists

Training Dates

The training is available for our clients. The exact timing will be agreed upon and adjusted for the specific group of participants, as sites from multiple timezones can join. The training will be delivered through MS Teams in one eight-hour session.

17.4.2024. IMS FCM training for EMEA/APAC

26.6.2024. IMS FCM training for Europe/Americas

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