Cenosco joins the open AI Energy Initiative
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Cenosco Joins Open AI Energy Initiative; Brings Asset Integrity Software

An addition completes an AI-powered end-to-end suite of integrity solutions for asset-intensive industries, such as chemicals, oil and gas, renewable energy, and other process industries.

C3 AI (NYSE: AI) today announced that global engineering software company Cenosco will join the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) – based solutions for the energy and process industries.

Cenosco’s powerful asset integrity software suite will complement the OAI’s existing capabilities, delivering an AI-powered end-to-end suite of asset integrity solutions.

Launched by C3 AI, Shell, Baker Hughes, and Microsoft in February 2021, the OAI provides an open framework for energy operators, service and equipment providers, and independent software vendors for energy operations to offer interoperable solutions, powered by the BHC3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure.

Cenosco is the third independent software vendor to join the OAI, following Kongsberg Digital and MathWorks, who joined in November 2021.

Cenosco offers its Integrity Management Solution (IMS)

Cenosco will offer its Integrity Management Solution (IMS), built in collaboration with Shell, that safeguards integrity, reliability, and instrumentation safety in asset-intensive industries.

Today, Cenosco’s IMS has been deployed to over 120 assets across more than 50 countries.

The solution complements the OAI’s existing offerings focused on reliability and asset integrity, including:

By integrating these solutions with Cenosco’s IMS, the OAI will offer an AI-powered end-to-end solution for integrity management – from issue identification to diagnosis and resolution – for customers across asset-intensive industries, such as chemicals, oil and gas, renewable energy, and process industries.

“Just over a year ago, the OAI began building an ecosystem of partners with the aim of revolutionizing the energy industry through cutting-edge AI-powered software.

Today, this ecosystem offers some of the most sophisticated solutions available on the market, and the integration of Cenosco’s technology can help to unlock even more value for customers.”

Dan Jeavons, Vice President of Computational Science and Digital Innovation at Shell

Cenosco is delighted to join an impressive ecosystem

Cenosco IMS deployments began with operations at Shell, and since have been expanded to clientele across more than fifty companies worldwide and 120 assets globally.

Starting in May 2022, Cenosco IMS will also be available through OAI, in combination with other solutions.

“Cenosco is delighted to join an impressive ecosystem of other industry-leading software providers for energy operations.

For customers who want unified asset integrity capabilities, the addition of our Integrity Management Solution to the OAI provides the remaining building blocks for a comprehensive, AI-powered end-to-end integrity monitoring and management software suite.”

Jan Poulsen, Cenosco’s CEO

“The OAI has transformed how the energy industry operates by bringing together the best AI and software solutions.

Cenosco is a strong addition to our ecosystem of global industry leaders, and we welcome their partnership to drive even greater digital transformation throughout the energy and process industries.”

Ed Abbo, C3 AI President and CTO

Learn more about the Open AI Energy Initiative and its reliability solutions.

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