IMS PLSS – Pipeline Management Software

IMS PLSS – a pipeline management software, provides you with the overall integrity status of your pipelines. It records the pipeline design data for the entire pipeline or for specific sections of the pipeline. Cenosco pipelines software performs ILI and fit-for-service calculations based on intelligent pigging data and supports full scheduling and history recording for the entire pipeline system.

Benefits of Pipeline Management Software

Extend the lifetime of your pipelines

IMS PLSS pipelines software will give you a user-friendly web-based environment to keep all your pipeline design data in one place. Based on the design data, the weaknesses of the pipeline can be assessed to determine the remaining life of the pipeline. Our repair module can then be used to prioritise the repairs to achieve the extended lifetime required for your pipeline.

Innovative corrosion modelling

In our pipeline management software, IMS PLSS, we let the corrosion engineer assess the internal (Hydrocor) and external corrosion (ECM) rate for the pipeline. We support the corrosion engineer’s decision with innovative internal and external corrosion models. In addition to that IMS PLSS uses industry standards for the fit-for-service calculations for your pipeline and uses data form multiple intelligent pigging runs to determine the actual corrosion rate of the pipeline.

Reports and Interfaces

We understand the importance of reliable annual pipeline reports. A specific annual reporting interface is offered so that the pipeline engineer can easily report and sign off on the annual status report of the pipeline. In addition to that, IMS PLSS has an incredibly easy to use API interface. The IMS PLSS data can, therefore, be easily integrated with any external system including GIS systems.

Key Features of Pipeline Management Software

IMS PLSS offers the following key features:

  • Inspection Data Management for your entire pipeline system.

  • Risk-based inspection.

  • Support for several industry standard FFS calculations.

cenosco ims overview
  • ILI assessment.

  • Non Piggable Pipeline Assessment.

  • Scenario assessment.

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