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Elevating Asset Integrity Management for a leading North Sea Upstream Operator

An industry leading North Sea upstream operator chose Cenosco's Integrity Management System (IMS) software suite to streamline their operations. In this business case, we explore the value they attained through their use of IMS.

29 May '24

north sea refinery operator

In response to challenges posed by a siloed approach and limitations linked to anomaly management especially performance standard breaches, this leading North Sea Upstream Operator embarked on a transformative journey to enhance visibility and integration in asset management. This initiative aimed at fostering a more dynamic and efficient system, resulted in their adoption of Cenosco’s IMS Software (Integrity Management System) which integrated degradation management strategy and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) processes.

The Benefits

Through their use of IMS, the leading North Sea Upstream Operator was able to leverage the software to optimize their operations; further benefits they achieved include:

  • Improving Visibility and Integration
  • Advancing Digital Transformation
  • Deepening Asset Integrity Management

Products Showcased

In this business case, you will learn more about the true value of using multiple of Cenosco’s core products and how this North Sea Upstream Operator optimized its operations through its combined seamless use.

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