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ThaiOil: Enhanced Inspection Efficiency and Cost Savings with IMS PEI

13 July '23

thaioil ims pei cenosco

In this insightful business case, we delve into how Thaioil, one of Thailand’s premier integrated petroleum and petrochemical companies, derived value for their operations from our Pressure Equipment Integrity Software, IMS PEI.

The company’s primary business activities include crude oil refining, petroleum product manufacturing, and the production and distribution of petrochemical products. Cenosco is the leading Asset Integrity Management Software company. IMS is their software suite that is actively used in over 50 countries with more than 5000 users. It has been deployed in several hundred assets and has been built on over 20 years of industry experience.

In particular, ThaiOil derived value from IMS PEI on three primary areas:

  • Centralized inspection management system
  • Efficient Digital inspection test planning
  • Balanced inspection volume during routine and MTA

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