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Maximize the Value of your APM and Integrity Systems

Watch the recording of our webinar "Optimizing Asset Value Through APM and Integrity Systems"

20 June '23

webinar apm and integrity systems cenosco

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the effective management of assets and ensuring their integrity is crucial for achieving operational excellence. As companies rely increasingly on complex systems and processes, it becomes essential to extract maximum value from Asset Performance Management (APM) and Integrity Systems.

Are you satisfied with your current system?

While it is tempting to settle for the status quo, this webinar encourages you to explore ways to improve the utilization of your existing APM and Integrity Systems. By doing so, you can unlock potential and derive more value from your investments.

Our webinar “Maximize the Value of your APM and Integrity Systems” aims to shed light on the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of your current APM and Integrity Systems.

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your asset management processes and drive operational excellence in your organization.

Remember, it’s not about settling for the status quo; it’s about continuously improving and extracting the full potential of your systems. Register now and take a step towards unlocking the value that lies within your APM and Integrity Systems.

Meet the speakers

marc laplante

Marc Laplante

Asset management domain expert

A recognized expert in asset management standards and practices. Played a significant role in shaping international standards through their involvement with the ANSI US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC251.

In addition to contributing to the ISO 55000 set of standards, has held various leadership positions within the field.

With a career spanning over 28 years in enterprise technology, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to work.

luiz curado - cenosco

Luiz Curado

Solution Engineer & Business Development Manager

Senior mechanical engineer and MBA with over 20 years of international experience in the field of mechanical integrity, inspection, testing and maintenance, who now helps companies with high-risk assets to manage and optimize their maintenance, inspection and test programs with cutting-edge technology.

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