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MiRO has chosen Cenosco’s IMS PEI to manage asset integrity at their Karlsruhe refinery

Asset Integrity Management Solution IMS PEI to drive higher asset availability, efficiency, safety & compliance, and strategical goals at Germany’s second-largest refinery MiRO Karlsruhe Plant.

17 October '22

miro cenosco ims pei

Cenosco has announced that Germany’s second-largest refinery, Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein (MiRO) Karlsruhe plant, has selected IMS PEI as their software of choice for asset integrity management. IMS PEI is Cenosco’s Pressure Equipment Integrity cloud solution. This integration will help MiRO maximize the performance of its assets by accelerating its transition to an efficient and consolidated inspection strategy.  

The scope of the solution implementation will include extensive customization and comprehensive integration capabilities with other systems, such as SAP and SDX Hexagon, to cite a few. IMS PEI’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and digitalize inspection management will make it a single unifying solution for all asset integrity stakeholders. 

Cenosco, an ideal partner

“Working with Cenosco to deploy their customized digital solution for asset integrity will enable us to operate the refinery more safely and effectively, improve plant safety & compliance, and accomplish our strategic objectives. Cenosco was able to demonstrate strong capabilities in the asset-intensive industry by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies in IMS PEI. Their domain expertise in the asset-intensive process industries makes Cenosco an ideal partner in our pursuit of operational excellence and achieving our strategical objectives”, said MiRO. 

Jan Poulsen, CEO, Cenosco, added: “We are pleased that MiRO has chosen to partner with Cenosco, being Germany’s second largest and strategically important refinery in Karlsruhe. In today’s energy market, there is a greater expectation for refineries to operate without interruption as critical infrastructure. This collaboration reflects both companies’ profound commitment to ensuring asset integrity and increased asset availability through digitally innovative solutions. The MiRO Karlsruhe Plant is a key supplier of mobility and heating in Southwest Germany, and we are pleased to be working with them to modernize their asset integrity management setup.” 

About MiRO: 

MiRO moves and warms with “refined” products: 

Statistically speaking, every third liter of gasoline at German pumps comes from Karlsruhe – Germany’s largest refinery. The 1,100 employees of Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein (MiRO) refine crude oil from the four shareholders into petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, bitumen, and feedstocks for the chemical industry. Fourteen million tons of crude oil are processed each year – 500 liters every second. MiRO covers the fuel and heating oil needs of around 10 million consumers, making it the most important source of energy from mineral oil in the southwest. The refinery also feeds process waste heat into the city’s district heating network, providing comfortable warmth for thousands of households. MiRO sees itself as a partner in the energy transition. With projects such as district heating, the refinery is already making an active contribution to achieving climate targets. As one of the largest employers in Karlsruhe, an “excellent” training company, taxpayer, and client, MiRO strengthens the economic power of the Karlsruhe Technology Region.