IMS Flange Management Software

Flange connections are still one of the biggest sources of leaks in the industry. IMS FCM (Flange Connection Management) is a web-based flange management software tool for managing those (critical) flanges. This small but powerful IMS module will warrant a structured approach to the assembly and dismantling of (critical) flanges. It provides a maintenance protocol based on tension or torque calculations and a checklist for the execution of the work. After completion, the work history is archived and can be shared with the integrity department.

Benefits of Flange Management Software

Reduce leaks with a uniform approach to flange management

IMS FCM will make sure that all the relevant data needed to manage your flanges are kept in one location. The data is then used to create a uniform protocol for a job. The details of the job are properly recorded and signed off. Dashboards can then be used to highlight exceptions, bad actors and issues.

Proper history recording

With proper recording of the work on your flanges you will be able to identify bad actors in the future. The bad actors will then be marked as critical flanges and additional care is taken when working on these flanges.

Bringing disciplines together

Mechanical Engineering is responsible for providing the relevant data for flanges (e.g. gasket type, torque values, bolts and nuts type). The Equipment Integrity department is responsible for the correctness of the data from Mechanical Engineering and for providing the relevant documentation to perform work in the field, per individual flange. The integration with the IMS PEI module is therefore strongly recommended.

Key Features of Flange Management Software

IMS FCM flange management software offers the following key features:

  • A central location to register relevant flange data.

  • A uniform approach to manage (critical) flanges using protocols.

  • Tension and torque calculations.

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  • Defines jobs for blind list/spade off list definitions.

  • Identifies bad actors based on proper history recording.

  • Integration with IMS PEI.

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