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The True Impact of AI in Asset Integrity Management

Discover how AI can transform Asset Integrity Management with Shell's expert Dan Jeavons, our Luiz Curado and Josip Hrvatin! Get access to the session now.

22 March '24

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Why watch?

Uncover the impact of AI in Asset Integrity Management. Explore the evolution of Asset Integrity Management with Dan Jeavons, an expert from one of the leading companies in the energy industry – Shell, with our Josip Hrvatin and Luiz Curado. Watch this video for insights into how AI transforms Asset Integrity Management and IMS.

What to expect?

  • Delve into the Power of AI in Asset Integrity Management
  • Expert Insights from Dan Jeavons
  • Perspectives from Josip Hrvatin, Director of Engineering at Cenosco
  • Interactive Q&A with Dan Jeavons, Luiz Curado, and Josip Hrvatin

Who is this recorded session for?

  • Asset Integrity Managers: This webinar is for asset managers, offering a unique opportunity to explore the impact of AI in Asset Integrity Management, equipping them with cutting-edge strategies to optimize asset performance, reduce downtime, and enhance overall operational resilience in the Oil and Gas and Chemical industries
  • Data Scientists in the Oil and Gas Sector: This webinar is particularly beneficial for Data Scientists in the Oil and Gas sector, providing unparalleled insights into the strategic integration of AI in Asset Integrity Management, enabling them to harness data-driven approaches for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Business Analysts: Professionals analyzing business processes and systems with a focus on optimizing asset management practices.
  • Reliability engineers: professionals ensuring the reliability and safety of products, systems, and processes, using various techniques and tools to analyze potential problems, and design and implement solutions to prevent those problems. 
  • Professionals keen on understanding artificial intelligence’s transformative influence on maintaining assets’ integrity and efficiency.
  • IMS Users: Current and future IMS users

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Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of AI and Asset Integrity Management.

Meet the speakers:

dan jeavons, shell, cenosco

Dan Jeavons

VP Computational Science & Digital Innovation & IT CTO, Shell

Dan Jeavons, a prominent professional in Shell’s digitalization department, has been instrumental in shaping Shell’s digitalization program. He played a pivotal role in developing the externally recognized brand, and his team’s impactful work has garnered regular attention in prestigious publications like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.

luiz curado - cenosco

Luiz Curado

Solution Engineer & Business Development Manager

Senior mechanical engineer and MBA with over 20 years of international experience in the field of mechanical integrity, inspection, testing and maintenance, who now helps companies with high-risk assets to manage and optimize their maintenance, inspection and test programs with cutting-edge technology.

josip hrvatin - cenosco

Josip Pepi Hrvatin

Director of Engineering at Cenosco

Josip Hrvatin, as the Director of Engineering at Cenosco, boasts over twenty years of invaluable expertise, driving innovation and technical excellence. His leadership has been pivotal in shaping Cenosco’s engineering initiatives, contributing to continuous advancements in the field. Josip’s dedication to technological excellence positions him as a key figure in Cenosco’s commitment to industry innovation and leadership.

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