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The Fast Way to Learn IMS: The Cenosco Academy

IT professionals often say that 80% of customers only use 20% of the features in the software they’ve bought. Master IMS with the Cenosco Academy.

31 January '24

cenosco academy

Have you ever noticed how everything’s constantly changing? It’s like you blink, and there’s a new version of everything. It’s no different for our Integrity Management System (IMS) application, which is continuously evolving to meet industry standards and the needs of our users.

What’s more, IT professionals often say that 80% of customers only use 20% of the features in the software they’ve bought. That’s like buying a car and only using the radio! Using more of the software’s capabilities can boost your productivity and efficiency to new heights. This is also true for IMS, which can help you work better and faster when used to its full potential.

There has never been a more critical time to embrace a learner mindset to stay competitive in the job market. But who has the time to sit in a classroom for hours, right?

That’s why we developed the Cenosco Academy. An e-learning system that allows you to learn how to use IMS on your terms. And get this – the quality of the e-learning is just as good as the live training held by our Subject Matter Experts. The e-learning courses were built based on those live training sessions, in collaboration with the trainers, considering the latest pedagogical research. So, you are getting a complete and improved training experience at your own pace.

Learn what you want and whenever you want

Picture waiting at the doctor’s or for your kid’s football practice to end. Rather than idly scrolling your phone, why not make the time fly by with fun activities in the Cenosco Academy e-learning System? You could learn how to plan an inspection in IMS PEI or calculate the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) of a LOPA (Layers of Protection Analysis) study in IMS SIS, making the wait enjoyable and productive without taking away from your family time or work commitments.

sis lifecycle

Let’s say you’re an instrumentation engineer and are considering doing the IMS SIS training. Why sit through the whole 4-day IMS SIS program and learn, for instance, about the HAZOP module if you’ll never use it? With e-learning, you can opt for the LOPA & SIF Analysis program and not do the HAZOP part. Cenosco Academy offers different programs based on the various job profiles. This way, you can choose what you want to learn, even skipping parts and explaining the features you already know. Therefore, you can benefit from our e-learning courses even if you’ve already completed in-person training and want to improve your knowledge or stay up-to-date with the latest software developments. It’s a more efficient and effective way to learn, saving time and energy.

Start e-learning when it suits your schedule 

Imagine you’ve just been hired as a Corrosion Material Engineer at a new company that uses IMS PEI, and you need to do corrosion calculations. If you’re new to using IMS PEI, it is expected to need some training. But sometimes, the usual face-to-face training is not available right away, making your job harder. You might end up asking a ton of questions and digging through the IMS Handbook, which, let’s face it, provides detailed answers about the software once you get the hang of it, but it can be a bit overwhelming for someone who’s just starting. 

So, accessing Cenosco Academy e-learning courses can save the day. You don’t have to wait for your company to round up ten people for training. With e-learning, you can enroll in a course without waiting for anyone else to join. All this allows you to quickly gain the necessary skills and knowledge and start using IMS like a pro way sooner.   

Avoid training session frustrations 

Have you ever been to a training session where you didn’t catch what the trainer was saying, and you had to interrupt to ask them to repeat themselves? Or maybe you haven’t done the exercise correctly, and you’re feeling the heat in front of everyone? 

Technical difficulties can also cause more stress and anxiety, and troubleshooting them in front of others can be stressful. Additionally, sitting in one spot for 8 hours during a live training session can be physically and mentally taxing.  

The Cenosco Academy e-learning takes away much of the stress. If you didn’t hear what the trainer said in the video, you can always hit the button to go back 10 seconds and catch what you’ve missed. You can restart your computer without holding up the whole class and plan to learn in 15-minute sessions instead of sitting for 8 hours. 

If you’ve made a mistake in the exercise, you have all the time and material you need to go through it again and do it correctly. Plus, you’ll get immediate feedback on the knowledge checks. It’s like having your guru guide you through the software in a fun and easy way. You can always ask in the Forum or during the live Q&A sessions with the trainers if something is unclear. 

lopa cenosco

Revisit and review the course content  

With e-learning, you can immerse yourself in each lesson until you’ve mastered it. Unlike live training, where information is a one-time deal, e-learning lets you quickly revisit and review the content as often as needed. What’s more, you can access the e-learning courses for a year to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to, even long after the first learning period. It’s like having a knowledge bank that never closes, always there for you when you need it. 

With Cenosco Academy, you know what to expect  

With Cenosco Academy, you’re in for a consistent learning experience. All courses follow a similar format, making it easy to navigate the content. Each lesson consists of the following elements:  

  • Introduction – e.g. video 
  • Theory – necessary theory and examples 
  • Step-by-step instructions – e.g., recorded demos 
  • Practice – e.g., knowledge checks, simulations, and exercises to perform in IMS. 

The user interface is intuitive, and the courses are organized logically. Plus, you can track your progress to know precisely where you stand. This consistent structure and familiar layout make learning a breeze, even if you’re new to e-learning. 

equipment maintenance management software cenosco

Enjoy the e-learning journey 

Putting together the courses for the Cenosco Academy was so much fun for us! We didn’t want you to read pages and pages of boring text or watch hours of videos, so we kept you engaged throughout the course, hoping it would make learning more accessible for you and improve retention.  

The Cenosco Academy is not just a collection of dry facts and figures but a story unfolding as you progress through the course. So, get ready for engaging content like videos, flashcards, interactive tasks, and hands-on simulations. We even designed interactive images where, by clicking on certain parts of the image, you can feel your own Genie pop up from the lamp to explain parts of IMS. Our main goal was to ensure that you would have as much fun going through the courses as we did creating them. 

At Cenosco, we’re not bidding farewell to face-to-face training just yet. However, as educational technology evolves, we’ve recognized the need to transition to a more current approach. Our e-learning courses can be taken on their own or as a complement to face-to-face training. In both cases, immersive tool training sessions allow you to acquire new skills or refine existing ones at your own pace. With trackable, self-paced learning, mastering IMS has never been more convenient. 

So, why not leap and become the master of your learning destiny?  

Learn more about the Cenosco Academy; download the course catalog now for our program descriptions and the associated costs.  

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