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Turnaround Inspections

Turnaround inspections are a crucial practice carried out in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries during scheduled maintenance shutdowns of refineries or other processing plants.

2 July '24

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Turnaround inspections focus on ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficiency of the plant’s equipment and systems. The purpose of a turnaround inspection is to identify potential hazards in a timely manner so that action can be taken to ultimately extend the lifespan of the assets or equipment in the operational site.

Turnaround Inspections for Process Technologists

Effective management of asset inspections requires a dependable and efficient inspection process to ensure optimal performance and avoid expensive disruptions. In the industrial environment, process engineers, also called process technologists, are the driving force behind this critical task. However, the manual handling of checklists, scattered documentation, and varied data sources can result in inefficiencies, compliance risks, and missed improvement opportunities. To tackle these challenges, including those specific to turnaround inspection, process technologists can leverage efficient software for inspection management and data collection.

Recognizing the needs of process technologists, Cenosco introduced IMS TAT (Inspection Management System Turnaround Technologist). This specialized digital solution streamlines scheduling, tracking, and documenting inspections. The focus is on the 3 types of Equipment that account for 99% of the activities: Columns, Vessels & Reactors, and Heat Exchanges. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of IMS TAT with its potential to transform your inspection processes.

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Your One-Stop Turnaround Inspection Software

IMS TAT is a turnaround inspection software that actively guides you through every step of the turnaround inspection process – from planning and execution to documenting the findings.

Single-page access to equipment details and historical data: The platform helps you easily find all your equipment, with its specifications and historical data conveniently displayed on a single page. This empowers you to make informed decisions when scheduling future inspections.

Streamlined inspection scheduling: Once you’ve located the equipment, you can schedule a new inspection directly from the same page in the system.

Comprehensive inspection planning with Planned Events: When creating a schedule, you can make it part of a Planned Event, such as a Turnaround. This allows you to group your inspection schedules, obtaining a comprehensive list of equipment to inspect.

Standardized digital inspection checklists: IMS TAT provides customized digital inspection checklists that guide you through the inspection process and help capture findings in a structured manner.

Customizable dashboards for work progress monitoring: To monitor your work progress, IMS TAT offers user-friendly, customizable Dashboards showing completed and remaining tasks granting you a clear overview.

Systematic inspection reporting: IMS TAT includes a selection of report templates that help you write inspection reports systematically.

Offline inspection capabilities with IMS4Field: With IMS TAT you can complete inspections offline in the field using IMS4Field without relying on constant connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Overcoming Challenges in Turnaround Inspections with IMS TAT

Navigating the intricacies of turnaround inspections requires strategic planning, effective resource management, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. From ensuring accurate scheduling and coordination to managing unexpected issues, overcoming these challenges is key to a successful and efficient turnaround process.

While IMS TAT is an excellent tool for managing on-the-run inspections, its true power lies in transforming the way plants approach the critical phase of turnarounds. The stakes are high, as downtime results in less revenue. Each turnaround, therefore, requires meticulous planning, comprehensive inspections, and efficient execution to minimize downtime and maintain operational excellence. However, the pressure to juggle multiple schedules, ensure no equipment is overlooked, and capture valuable insights can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned process engineers.

Fortunately, Cenosco’s powerful inspection management software streamlines the entire turnaround process, equipping process technologists with the tools and insights to conquer this challenge confidently.

Streamlining the Turnaround Planning Process

IMS TAT’s bulk import functionality allows you to quickly create detailed turnaround schedules, ensuring that every piece of equipment is accounted for and scheduled for inspection. Moreover, the software’s ability to group all your turnaround schedules under a single “Planned Event” gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire process, eliminating the need to juggle multiple spreadsheets.

Ensuring Comprehensive Inspections during a Turnaround

One of the biggest challenges during a turnaround is ensuring that no critical equipment is overlooked. IMS TAT addresses this concern by enabling process engineers to create detailed turnaround inspection lists, giving them the peace of mind that every asset will be thoroughly inspected. This eliminates the risk of last-minute scrambles or missed opportunities, maximizing the efficiency of the turnaround process.

Capturing Valuable Insights

As you navigate through the turnaround, IMS TAT becomes your trusted ally in capturing and preserving valuable insights. You no longer need to worry about manually converting notes to digital format or entering duplicate information into the system. The software’s standardized checklists ensure inspection data is recorded consistently and systematically. Here’s the key part: the checklists are easily customizable through Dynamic Forms to fit your facility workflow. Tailored to your needs, these checklists also allow for the easy sharing of lessons learned and equipment condition histories with the entire team.

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Minimizing Turnaround Downtime and Enhancing Repair Efficiency

When it comes time to address the issues uncovered during inspections, IMS TAT truly shines. The software’s ability to immediately generate Discovery Work Requests for the maintenance team ensures that repairs are initiated during the same turnaround, reducing downtime, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the turnaround.

Tackle Inspections with Confidence

As the cornerstone of your inspection management strategy, IMS TAT is designed to seamlessly integrate with CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) platforms like SAP, enabling efficient data exchange and seamless operations. This powerful software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, aligning perfectly with your existing processes and procedures. Additionally, IMS TAT facilitates automated data storage, reducing manual entry errors and enhancing accuracy.

Embracing the power of IMS TAT means bidding farewell to the days of endless spreadsheets, missed inspections, scattered data, and unplanned downtime. With streamlined processes and optimized operations, inspections can be tackled confidently on the run or during turnarounds. The game-changing capabilities of IMS TAT empower process technologists to plan, execute, and document inspections effectively, leading to safer and more efficient processing plants.

Experience the game-changing capabilities of IMS TAT and witness the difference it can make in your plant’s inspection management.

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