Introduction Custom Solutions

Cenosco develops products in close cooperation with the engineering disciplines that use them. We prefer doing this by engaging in partnerships with medium to large engineering companies, so we can build the best oil and gas asset integrity products on the market. Although we strongly believe in custom solutions we think they can only be successful when they are relevant to the industry as a whole and not just one company.

We would, therefore, like to enter into a partnership with you to develop the next industry standard based on your valuable input and our twenty years’ experience in software development. Not just building a new version of a ‘hobby’ project but creating a sustainable solution that can be maintained and developed for years to come.

We do so by making sure that our products add value to all our customers by supporting them with training material and service-oriented customer care.


DuboCalc is a software tool for the quick and easy calculationof sustainability and environmental design variants of ground, road and water works. DuboCalc is used by asset owners and (potential) contractors to evaluate sustainability and circular economy in civil engineering works.


For over 20 years we have helped the oil and gas asset integrity sector to achieve their goals. As a result of this experience and our intensive collaboration with Shell we know exactly what you need to make your plant safer, more efficient and worry-free. Because every customer is unique, we can create customised interfaces, take great care of data migrations and only develop new solutions if needed.


To optimise the capacity utilisation of a fleet of heavy load vessels, Cenosco delivered a scheduling solution that visualises Cosco’s fleet occupation and opportunities. It helps account managers in offering their transport solutions to the right customers and projects at the right time.


NutriApp offers patients the opportunity to monitor their weight and to call in expert help in time to prevent unwanted weight loss. Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is a leader in the field of medical nutrition and nutritional care for (chronic) patients.


To support Mokveld sales engineers, we have delivered calculation tools that allow account managers to quickly specify the requirements for custom-made safety, process and subsea valves. These requirements are shared with the client and used in the Production department to manufacture the valve solution needed.


We also apply our experience in asset integrity in the oil & gas industry to renewables. We offer inspection scheduling and maintenance planning solutions for wind and solar farms both onshore and offshore.